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Calibration Services for Temperature Sensors and Humidity Transmitters

We are excited to announce that Thermalogic Corporation now proudly offers calibration services for temperature sensors and humidity transmitters for products manufactured by Thermalogic as well as other manufacturers products. For more information visit Calibration Services which is located in our header, it will explain the procedures and what information you need to get the process started today!

Low Cost Temperature Control

RA33WD-10 Ultra Low Cost Temperature Control

This is the perfect solution for electronic Bulb and Capillary Replacement. It is RoHS/REACH compliant.

low cost temperature control

The Thermalogic® RA33WD-10 thermistor temperature control is intended for applications where low cost is critical. Operating from 24 or 120/208/240 VAC, 12 or 24 VDC the control provides on-board one or two fixed, or adjustable set points and a 30 Amp form C relay output for heating or cooling logic.

The RA33WD-10 offers precise, reliable electronic control to replace bi-metal or mercury thermostats which must be replaced, at a minimal cost premium. It is also ideal for replacing existing thermistor controls which have become obsolete or been discontinued.

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