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New HumiSense® Transmitter

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New Digital Humidity, Temperature, & Dewpoint Transmitter

RS232/485 Digital Humidity, Temperature, & Dewpoint Transmitters

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TA2629 Humidity Transmitters Introducing the latest member of the HumiSense® Transmitter Line, the TA 2629 Digital Humidity, Dew point, and Temperature Sensor/Transmitter with RS485. The HumiSense® is designed to serve the industrial sensing market, as well as a wide variety of general purpose relative humidity and temperature monitoring applications.

Incorporating RS485 serial communications protocol into the TA 2629 enables the configuration of inexpensive multi-zone networks with up to 31 HumiSense units on a single bus.

Since it uses a differential balanced line, it can span relatively large distances (up to 4000 feet or just over 1200 meters ) and resists electromagnetic interference such as from motors and welding equipment.

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Built-To-Order Sensors

Thermalogic® celebrates over 40 years of success in the build-to-order sensor business.

Over the past four decades, Thermalogic® has earned a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. Nowhere is this more evident than in our Temperature Sensors temperature sensors; an extensive line of custom, built to order sensor products to help you acheve reliability and innovation in your system designs.

See what our Temperature Sensors line can do for you.

Sensors Product Sheet (PDF)

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