Relative Humidity Transmitter Calibration

Typical commercial %RH sensors using capacitive or semiconductor technology offer accuracy and repeatability or about +/- 2 to 4 percent when calibrated.

Although these figures may be representative when sensors are first placed in service, it is common for ageing and environmental effects to degrade accuracy over time.

Consequently, it can be desirable to re-calibrate %RH sensors on a periodic schedule to insure that measurements are accurate within acceptable limits.

Thermalogic provides a calibration service for customer relative humidity (%RH) sensors, to provide this assurance conveniently at modest cost. Pricing includes calibration alone or sensor adjustment, where appropriate, at up to five points between 11.3% and 93.6% with an accuracy of +/- 1% at 25 degree °C.

%RH calibration is performed, in the same laboratory facility used for Thermalogic’s own %RH sensor products, by means of saturated salt solutions at up to five points. The %RH solutions are monitored, refreshed and maintained regularly and kept at a very low gradient constant temperature conditions.