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What we manufacture can be complex, but our process of working together is simple.

As a design engineer, head of engineering design or purchasing agent, you understand the intricate needs of your application or piece of equipment. Our sales engineers will listen to your needs, and ensure you get exactly what you need.


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Step 1: We listen
When you first contact us our knowledgeable Sales Engineers will listen to your explanation of your application, including system requirements and a general description of your desired control and sensor features. We also listen to your expectations so we have an understanding of your desired outcome.

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Step 2: We ask questions
Next our Sales Engineer will ask you specific questions to understand more of your needs. Some examples are: What is your temperature range? What level of stability do you want? How accurate do you want? Do you need a display or IoT interface? What style of sensor assembly do you want?

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Step 3: We generate a detailed spec sheet
Then we will generate a detailed specification sheet outlining items such as power supply, inputs, outputs and any display or interface options for controls. On sensor specifications we will outline items such as sheath length/diameter, wire length, connectors and sensor assembly accuracy.

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Step 4: We work with you to create a prototype
Once your design team signs off on our specifications and you place your prototype order we will begin the design. During this phase our team will start generating drawings and schematics, work on code, do a PC Board layout. From here we will build the prototype, test it thoroughly before shipping it to you.

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Step 5: You test and approve
Next your design team will test the prototype on the bench and in your system. Our design team continues to work with you on any questions, oversights and changes. Some customers then buy a small field test run and upon completion of testing your design team signs off to release to manufacturing.

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Step 6: We manufacture and deliver
Upon receipt of your production order we procure the necessary components to build the kits and put your order in the assembly schedule. We then test 100% of units and do thorough QC testing before we ship. We advise your Purchasing Dept on re-order timing and work closely on customer support issues.

What’s more? Our support does not stop there!

We will monitor your usage, orders, and inventory so you have what you need, when you need it. At Thermalogic, we want you to count on our products and services and count on us.

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