New HumiSense® Transmitter

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New Digital Humidity, Temperature, & Dewpoint Transmitter

RS232/485 Digital Humidity, Temperature, & Dewpoint Transmitters

digital humidity transmitter
TA2629 Humidity Transmitters Introducing the latest member of the HumiSense® Transmitter Line, the TA 2629 Digital Humidity, Dew point, and Temperature Sensor/Transmitter with RS485. The HumiSense® is designed to serve the industrial sensing market, as well as a wide variety of general purpose relative humidity and temperature monitoring applications.

Incorporating RS485 serial communications protocol into the TA 2629 enables the configuration of inexpensive multi-zone networks with up to 31 HumiSense units on a single bus.

Since it uses a differential balanced line, it can span relatively large distances (up to 4000 feet or just over 1200 meters ) and resists electromagnetic interference such as from motors and welding equipment.

Press Release (PDF)

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