Control Products

  • TempGuard® Analog: An extensive line of non-indicating, rugged analog controls from single zone to multiple zone controls.
  • TempGuard® Microprocessor: Non-indicating microprocessor based controls for more complex applications where more elaborate computing power is required.
  • DigiTherm®: Indicating microcontroller based 1/8 DIN and 1/16 DIN controls where a visual indication is necessary.
  • Master Series®: Elaborate multi-zone microcontroller based controls for demanding applications where many parameters and application specific processes may be controlled simultaneously in a single package.

PRODUCT SHEETS (PDF): Analog | Microprocessor | DigiTherm® | Master Series®

Sensor and Transmitter Products

  • Temperature Sensors: Built to order RTD, thermistor, and thermocouple probe assemblies.
  • HumiSense®: Relative Humidity Transmitters (both analog and digital)
  • SureSignal®: Temperature and humdity signal conditioners and transmitters fit for industrial use.

PRODUCT SHEETS (PDF): Sensors | HumiSense® | SureSignal

Built-to-Order Products

Thermalogic specializes in efficient delivery of built-to-order controls,  temperature sensor assemblies and transmitters. Our custom build philosophy offers solutions that are not readily available with many off-the-shelf products. Thermalogic can work from your drawings, sketches, descriptions, ideas or obsolete product to meet your exact needs.


Custom Control

custom control

Custom Transmitter

custom transmitter